Saturday, January 20, 2007

InfoFries Information Finder Renamed

Just about 2 months after its launch, InfoFries Information Finder has a new name - InfoFries Researcher. The URL for it has also been changed to (you could enter Entering the old URL will redirect you to the new page.

The reason for this change is that the word "information" encompasses a wide area. I would like to narrow this down by renaming it to show that this tool is used primarily for research - either for assignments, school projects or perhaps general knowledge.

Furthermore, I also revamped the refinements. From the old refinements of News, Reference, Answers, Books and Definition, I have added the Quotations category and replaced Definition with Dictionaries. The rationale is that while searching for the definition of a word only returns the meaning of it, searching in dictionaries would offer you the definition plus grammar information, pronunciation, etymology etc.

I hope that these changes will improve your research experience while using this tool.

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