Monday, March 17, 2008

Go back in time with Malaysia News Archive

The just concluded 2008 Malaysian General Election makes me wonder: will the Opposition parties (at national level) fulfill their election manifestos? How are we going to judge the performance of the wakil rakyats when the time comes for the next general election? Shall we vote for the Opposition next time?

The answer is to keep track of what the Government and the Opposition parties say and do. Through the Malaysia News Archive project, I will collect daily news articles about Malaysia from reputable sources for future reference. The articles collected so far are mainly concerned with politics, because politics affect each and every of us Malaysians and determines the future of our country.

I have managed to collect 120 articles so far, and the archive will continue to grow by perhaps 5 articles per day. At this time, the oldest article dates as far back as 2003. I will continue to scour the web for more historically significant articles to be added to the archive. If you know any article that is suitable to be added, you can send me a link to the article by using the Contact Me form.

Friday, October 12, 2007

More photos at Polywj's Photos

In November last year, InfoFries created a photo gallery (read it here). While the gallery allows visitors to view photos and their descriptions, it does not document the situation and experience of the photographer involved when taking these photos. This created problems especially when the photos are related to current events.

At InfoFries' new photoblog - Polywj's Photos, I will post my photos along with my experiences while taking them. There will also be much information accompanying these photos, such as time, date and location of the photos taken. It is possible in the future that posting of photos by "guests" will be allowed to broaden the scope of this blog.

As for InfoFries Photo Gallery, it will continue to operate as usual, displaying photos which are not time-based, such as sceneries and objects which usually do not change over time. However, new photos will certainly appear at Polywj's Photos first before being uploaded to InfoFries Photo Gallery.

Now, why not explore Polywj's Photos now to see moments frozen in pictures?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

High School Physics Lab

Last week, InfoFries created a new blog called High School Physics Lab. This blog specially targets students studying high school physics.

For more information about this blog, read the posts Introduction and Getting Started.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

First Article on TechnoFries

On the 31st of March, InfoFries launched a internet magazine-like blog called TechnoFries. To see what InfoFries has to say about the launching of TechnoFries, click here.

Furthermore on 13th April (yesterday), the first article on TechnoFries about scanning a file with multiple antivirus engines was posted. Similar articles like this that provide tips about computer and internet usage will certainly appear on TechnoFries later on.

I hope everybody will support TechnoFries by giving comments and suggestions. You can also subscribe to TechnoFries' Atom feed by clicking here.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

InfoFries Information Finder Renamed

Just about 2 months after its launch, InfoFries Information Finder has a new name - InfoFries Researcher. The URL for it has also been changed to (you could enter Entering the old URL will redirect you to the new page.

The reason for this change is that the word "information" encompasses a wide area. I would like to narrow this down by renaming it to show that this tool is used primarily for research - either for assignments, school projects or perhaps general knowledge.

Furthermore, I also revamped the refinements. From the old refinements of News, Reference, Answers, Books and Definition, I have added the Quotations category and replaced Definition with Dictionaries. The rationale is that while searching for the definition of a word only returns the meaning of it, searching in dictionaries would offer you the definition plus grammar information, pronunciation, etymology etc.

I hope that these changes will improve your research experience while using this tool.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Working To Relaunch Travel Malaysia

It was very long since the InfoFries Travel Malaysia page was updated. Therefore, I've taken the initiative to add content and update it with the latest information, especially when the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 is just around the corner.

If you would like to see the works in progress, please take note that the URL for Travel Malaysia has been changed to And don't forget to visit Malaysia during year 2007!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Try the InfoFries Information Finder

In line with the InfoFries commitment to provide you with accurate and reliable information, I have created a customised search engine called the InfoFries Information Finder.

It is actually a Google search engine that is retooled to deliver search results that are only relevant to a informaton seeker. Try it out now by going to, and don't forget to provide feedback so that it can be improved!

If you think the URL is too hard to remember, try using the following:

Happy information hunting!