Friday, October 12, 2007

More photos at Polywj's Photos

In November last year, InfoFries created a photo gallery (read it here). While the gallery allows visitors to view photos and their descriptions, it does not document the situation and experience of the photographer involved when taking these photos. This created problems especially when the photos are related to current events.

At InfoFries' new photoblog - Polywj's Photos, I will post my photos along with my experiences while taking them. There will also be much information accompanying these photos, such as time, date and location of the photos taken. It is possible in the future that posting of photos by "guests" will be allowed to broaden the scope of this blog.

As for InfoFries Photo Gallery, it will continue to operate as usual, displaying photos which are not time-based, such as sceneries and objects which usually do not change over time. However, new photos will certainly appear at Polywj's Photos first before being uploaded to InfoFries Photo Gallery.

Now, why not explore Polywj's Photos now to see moments frozen in pictures?