Monday, March 17, 2008

Go back in time with Malaysia News Archive

The just concluded 2008 Malaysian General Election makes me wonder: will the Opposition parties (at national level) fulfill their election manifestos? How are we going to judge the performance of the wakil rakyats when the time comes for the next general election? Shall we vote for the Opposition next time?

The answer is to keep track of what the Government and the Opposition parties say and do. Through the Malaysia News Archive project, I will collect daily news articles about Malaysia from reputable sources for future reference. The articles collected so far are mainly concerned with politics, because politics affect each and every of us Malaysians and determines the future of our country.

I have managed to collect 120 articles so far, and the archive will continue to grow by perhaps 5 articles per day. At this time, the oldest article dates as far back as 2003. I will continue to scour the web for more historically significant articles to be added to the archive. If you know any article that is suitable to be added, you can send me a link to the article by using the Contact Me form.